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Colorway: Blood Orange

Material: Wild American Alligator

Totem Lining: Monarch Butterfly  8


Colorway: 6 totems

Material: High-grade stainless steel

dimensions: 3.11″ × 8.42″

price: $87


The incredible drinking vessel emblazoned with inspiring totem art. Power up your day.

Easy slide lid to drink or insert the sanitary metal straw for a hands free sipping. Comfortable in the hand. Sleek cylinder. Fits car consoles easily. Slides right into your outer tote pockets. Stay hydrated and monitor your intake with a smile. What’s your totem?





Signature Hexagon Box


The hexagon - a powerful shape repeated in sacred geometry. It is found in the very structure of our DNA. It is a symbol of harmony and balance. 

Spread the love in your yard with our non GMO Power to the Pollinator seed shreds. Plant and smile.

A box so enchanting you will want to regift and share the love and pass it on.


Secure clear Lid with slider with 

You choose: Either sip out of the stainless straw or drink out of the right sized mouth opening. No drips. Stay refreshed and hydrated with no drips and no spills.  


Hot & Cold

Keep your liquids temperature steady from matcha lattes, bone broth, and homemade soups to frothy nutrient dense smoothies. I leave the house every day two loaded. It's a healthy habit.  

MIND & spirit 

Hydrate and smile. Enjoy daily accoutrements that have some style. It's a way of being. 


Pep in your step. You are POWERED UP WITH THE ENERGY of YOUR SPIRIT TOTEM AND ALL OF THE INTRINSIC MEANING THAT BRINGS TO YOU. You have RE-ENGAGED WITH THE JOY OF GETTING DRESSED. Tune into your chakras and experience the real meaning of power dressing. Your days are super charged. 


OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT.  WE MINIMIZE WASTE AND do what is right for the planet at every opportunity. 

You have contributed by helping the change makers below continue to make a difference. 


- Xerces Society 

- World Central Kitchen

- Cool Earth

- Oceana

- Re:Wild

I hope you feel as fulfilled as i do wearing this dynamic piece. Rock it. 

Express your NESS.


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