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Sequoia Tree Power Pendant

Sequoia Tree Power Pendant

Sequoia Tree 8 • Giants of the Forest

  • L I V E   A U T H E N T I C A L L Y

    Upcycled, non-toxic, brass. Modern, rooted in ancient design. Many years in the making. Hand-patinaed one at a time. The woven chains are hand woven by a group of women. All chains are also adjustable, upcycled, and non-toxic. Please specify your preference for chain type and length in your order. 

    Available lengths:

    Skinny weave
    Ancient weave
    Air chain
    Twist chain
    Rolo chain
    Link chain
    Black ribbed cord

  • • Oldest living tree

    • Sequoias can live up to 1,000 years

    • The roots that connect with Mother Earth and the limbs and
    cones that reach for father sky 

    • Fire resistant bark 

    • Myths saw thunderbird with the sun and lightening in his eyes 

    • Native Americans warriors would smoke pipe looking to thunderbird for assistance from the upper world 

    • Shadow of the ego 

    • In the Pacific Northwest thunderbird is carved into their totem poles as a sign that it would accompany souls to the afterlife 

    • Represents purity and integrity 

    • A life lived from a higher perspective makes you impervious
    to negative intentions of others

    • The upward pointing triangle is solar, masculine and symbolize life and the spiritual world

    • The downward pointing triangle is lunar and feminine and symbolize the Great Mother and the physical world

    • Tree rings represent the circle of life 

    • Our perseverance to grow and expand in spite of our wounds
       and challenges just like the mighty sequoia 

    • Wear our age like a badge of honor 

    • Native Americans called the Sequoia Trees, "the ancient ones"

    • Grow with the Sequoias, slow and steady until you touch the sky

    • The Algonquian believe thunderbird is an ancestor and the Universal creator 

    • Legends of many indigenous cultures describe a bird w a massive wingspan and huge claws that can control rain thunder wind and lightening 

    • Ability to communicate with the gods and enter a higher state 

    • The all seeing all knowing thunderbird 

    • The Sioux Indians call it Wakyq which translates to...sacred winged being 

    • The Sioux Sundance is based on the legend of the honored messenger to great spirit

    • Roots reach into the rich’s simple not complicated...what we need 

    • It’s strength and stamina revered

    • Marvel at its slow steady growth...always reaching for the sky 

    • Root system is connected...6 serving the greater
    good of the organism...they work together 

    • It’s season is north...that of the elders 

    • The path of self realization...the climb to the heavens

    • The green represents growth, hope and transformation

    • Mystics believe that the Sequoias forest spirt allows
    them to see the whole of humankind clearly 

Color: Black