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Monarch Butterfly 8 Wrap Ring

Monarch Butterfly 8 Wrap Ring

  • L I V E     A U T H E N T I C A L L Y

    Upcycled, non-toxic, brass and bronze. Modern, rooted in ancient design. Many years in the making. Hand-patinaed one at a time.

  • • The universal symbolism for butterflies is transformation

    • Native American culture considers butterflies to be a sign of transformation and change 

    • A sign of hope

    • Butterfly Celtic symbol is rebirth 

    • In Japanese cultures butterflies represent joy

    • In Myan and Aztec mythology a butterfly represents Xiutecutli, the God of Fire. 

    • Irish folklore relates the butterfly with the human soul. Dealan-Dhe, the Fire of the Gods

    • Aristotle called the butterfly the name of Psycho, Greek word for "soul"

    • It gives you the courage to look upon challenges with lightness