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Bison Power Pendant

Bison Power Pendant

Bison 1 • Heal the Soil • Rethink Agriculture

  • L I V E   A U T H E N T I C A L L Y

    Upcycled, non-toxic, brass. Modern, rooted in ancient design. Many years in the making. Hand-patinaed one at a time. The woven chains are hand woven by a group of women. All chains are also adjustable, upcycled, and non-toxic. Please specify your preference for chain type and length in your order. 

    Available lengths:

    Skinny weave
    Ancient weave
    Air chain
    Twist chain
    Rolo chain
    Link chain
    Black ribbed cord

  • • The Native American Indians recognized the Bison as a
       symbol of strength and unity.

    • To reestablish a healthy Bison population on tribal land
       would reestablish hope for Native American Indian people. 

    • Bison medicine included manifestation, protection, knowledge,
       courage, challenge, survival.

    • Bison strong bodies ground them to the Earth. They are the
       uniting force between things Earthly and unEarthly. 

    • Bison is connected to the Root Chakra. It is red. It represents
       stamina and will. 

    • They are the story of survival and how to prosper in the
       face of adversity. 

    • Red is the color. The direction is North. 

    • The number 1 is the number of unity and leadership

    • The number 1 represents a true pioneer. It is the
       divine origin of the universe and the root of
       all opportunity in our lives. 

    • The number 1 is the most self sufficient number. 

    • Breastplates were worn as armor, protection in battle.

    • Breastplates gave the warrior protection

    • The Comanche tribe were the first to wear them in
       the 1800s and it was adopted by many other tribes
       of the Great Planes including the Crow, Sioux,
       and Assiniboine.

    • The original are made of a long cylindrical bone.

    • In the outer circle representing the sacred hoop of the medicine
       wheel (a symbol of all creation) - 4 directions and the 4 stages of
       life are represented. 

    • The number 4 is sacred unto itself as it represents the 4 seasons,
       the 4 human needs (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
       the 4 kingdoms (animal, mineral, plant and human) and the
       stages of life. 

    • The circular shape of the wheel represents earth, Sun,
       Moon and the cycles of life, the seasons and day to night. 

    • The Red Hawk Feather

    • The broken arrow symbolize making peace with oneself,
       others and the Earth. Always choosing the path of Peace. 

    • All-Seeing Shaman Eye

    • The 7 lines in the circle represent