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High Vibe Honey Bee Power Pendant

High Vibe Honey Bee Power Pendant

High Vibe Honey Bee 6 • Power to the Pollinators

  • L I V E   A U T H E N T I C A L L Y

    Upcycled, non-toxic, brass. Modern, rooted in ancient design. Many years in the making. Hand-patinaed one at a time. The woven chains are hand woven by a group of women. All chains are also adjustable, upcycled, and non-toxic. Please specify your preference for chain type and length in your order. 

    Available lengths:

    Skinny weave
    Ancient weave
    Air chain
    Twist chain
    Rolo chain
    Link chain
    Black ribbed cord

  • • Ancient symbols of death and rebirth

    • Honey Bees represent fertility in ancient Egypt

    • The ancient Druids saw the bee as a symbol of the sun goddess

    • Native American Indians view the Honey Bee as a symbol of honesty and serving the community

    • Bees are excellent symbols of teamwork

    • They work tirelessly for the same goal

    • Selfless, no ego

    • Symbolize hard work, diligence, order

    • Excellent examples of how to use your life force and
       they often accomplish what seems impossible

    • High Energy, represents the highest example of
       collaborative efforts

    • Bees mantra is progress and everything is done for
       the highest and greatest good of the hive.

    • In China, honey was a symbol of vitality and immortality.
       It was always a part of the meals served to the emperor.
       It was regarded as a mystical food because it was
       gathered by an innocent animal, the bee.