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what drove me to do it



Total frustration. I move fast. I live full. I could not find a bag that would support me through my long, intense days. It seemed no designer had made a bag that would allow me to navigate through the day efficiently. My bag is a vessel of essentials that allows me to: grab my phone, reapply my favorite lipstick, reach for an apple slice, hydrate, switch to shades, spritz a hydrosol, pull a contract or iPad out of an easy access EMF/RF protected outer pocket, fetch my favorite pen, dose an adaptogenic tincture, perhaps some B12, and always a square of very good dark chocolate, all completed seamlessly, while negotiating, without digging.


There is a pocket and place for everything. Finally.



I have spent roughly 12 minutes a day rummaging through my old bag,
which lacked proper compartments, searching for: keys, lip balm, glasses, wallet, writing instrument, notebook, devices, tuning fork, magic rock, pendulum, snacks, and drink. This adds up to a whopping 72 precious hours of your life a year. That is the equivalent of 45, 8-hour days over a five year period—over a month and a half of your life, rummaging. Oh my. Over your lifetime there are so many better ways to exert your life force.

Time is the one commodity we can’t create more of. Exhibit self love and respect your time. Don’t rummage. Leave your abode prepared. When your ergonomic bag is efficiently streamlined, ergo, your essentials are right where they want them. You are calm, powerful, and truly present in your life.


In ancient Egypt you were buried with your bag. Such a strong personal statement. Clearly not seasonal. Bags show our outer personality while shielding our inner private world. What objects add value to your day? Your evolution of self in the world. Choose wisely.


A tool kit for the future that allows you to be present. Nourish the soul. Live full. The bag is an extension of self.

A container of life. A vessel of necessity.


Finally you can unsnap the cosmic collaged lining and throw it in the wash and smile. A satisfying bag refresh. Clean bag. Clean mind.


Elevate your every day. Utilitarian in its roots, part vintage luggage, with a healthy dose of Mary Poppins.


All made to order. Carry your vessel of choice to your car, office, plane, beach or off-the-grid hut.




getting dressed is a joy 

How do you protect yourself from the elements physically?

Selecting proportions, tone, and textures that compliment your body, all the while projecting your spirit and your story.

Showing how you perceive yourself through outer adornment...

sharing your vision/version of yourself with the world


share your story 

What we put on our bodies every day is sacred. The fabric that breathes and melds with your skin...the colors that communicate with our chakras pulsing in your aura...

The talisman and accessories that give us protection and inner strength...

our most intimate story...

strong pieces 

Your spirit infused in the way you wear it

Individual expression

no one else will wear it just like you

Your thoughts are part of the collective consciousness

we hold for the planet and all of its inhabitants

the earth walk is a challenge...

The human brain only has so much capacity for decision making every day...

I keep my dressing simple, powerful, and meaningful to me and leave the

rest of my brain power for the big stuff I tackle

Every day you/we are all participating in co-creating OUR world


dress like you mean it

participate in right thought, right word, right action or deed


engage in right relationship with all things in your life...

and...reconnect with the joy of dressing


reconnect with the joy of dressing 


I am personally very into socks...yes socks...

it is for one can see them...part baseball magic superstition on

wearing that lucky pair...

part child like whimsy so I never get too serious...

I take stock in my daily sock ranges from

stacks of pancakes...

buzzing bees...



to skeletons playing guitar...

or my favorite day of the dead socks...


My socks are always fun..the inner playful child always present...

tickling my toes...


And no I haven’t designed socks yet






If I can’t take my bag on a trip, and use it as a foot rest, jam it into an overhead, smoosh in a car, and have to worry about it getting scratched or losing it’s sheen--I don’t want it. Nothing too precious in life. These bags age, and their patina gets better in time, just like us. Savor the marks of a passionate life dedicated to change. We embrace our challenges, for they are moments of acute growth and rebirth. Shed the old skin and keep expanding. At a deeper level the desire to logo flaunt exemplifies separation and exclusivity--the antithesis of what this planet needs. Strength comes from living on purpose and being passionate about things outside of yourself. You do not care what other people think. Being fervently truthful at all times, no gray areas or exceptions. Consciously choosing what we bring into our homes, put in, and on our bodies will change the future. Simplify. The notion of needing a new bag every season is ludicrous. Functional art you can feel good about. Use your buying power for good. Environmentally balanced commerce. This is a way of being. Who do you want to be? How do you want to contribute? Rewrite your story. Make it amazing. The planet and its people thank you.



Sacred geometry...the golden ratio...there is a reason for every measurement in every bag belt and talisman ...nothing is haphazard or whimsical...or of the is all designed with a reason...every creation is enduring in its measurements...precise...which is why the shapes translate...male...female...petite or robust...the body is complemented by a symphony of well orchestrated math...the wearer knows intuitively...the shapes are right...



Wild American Alligators with all of their wounds from life on Earth intact. We are all flawed. Let’s celebrate our imperfections - mine, yours and the gators’. All of our styles honor one gator and one gator hunter per bag. The skins are hand patinaed, by one artisan, with saturated colors that took years to develop to make it just so.



The fabric is a blend of two types of threads. One is made from recycled plastic bottles found in the ocean and the other is 100% US grown organic cotton. We have created a one-of-a-kind, durable, and sustainable fabric. Our custom fabric is emblazoned with enduring collage art through a non-toxic dyeing process.



EMF/RF protective lining sewn strategically in phone and tablet pockets to lessen exposure and protect your organs and energy field. To encourage mindful use of devices and to be present in their lives. 



Upcyled, non toxic brass and bronze hardware. Functional art in and of itself. Revel in the strength and texture. Many years in the making. Each piece individually crafted and hand finished. Glorious and unique. A pleasure to touch. An absolute labor
of love.


D-rings: honor sacred geometry.

Rivets: contain modern hand-drawn art inspired
by ancient symbols.

Feet: deliberately designed to have enough height and gusto to physically lift your bag off the ground so it doesn’t touch and collect germs. Finally a foot that protects your bag.

Rods: lightweight brass, no plastic with super strong magnetic and textured hand-cast ends



I analyzed the ideal grip. Ergonomic based on the width of kettle ball Olympians. No anemic handles here.

Grip with gusto.



Beyond spoken words...symbols are universal...they enrich our lives and
are linked to our evolutionary story...


An ancient method of expression...perhaps more profound than
words themselves...


Symbols are not confined or bound by the written definitions man
has ascribed to them...


Symbols journey beyond the written word into the non linear world of the spirit and soul...far reaching and primal in an ever expanding story to be told...with our intimate and very personal characterization of our version of them infused...


How do we engage with the symbols...


Symbols unite... empower... and at times can define us


Symbols differentiate us from other animals...humans need for meaning...
our relationship and interconnectedness with all things in the natural world...


before the written word...


our bridge between the physical

and the spiritual 


Intertwined with all of human existence...embedded in our psyche 


Tribal and mystical in its roots...


metaphorical wisdom through combinations of images 


We are always telling stories through our shelter, food and clothing.

symbols are not static.


Let us as a united culture of humans, perpetuate our ancient wisdom and choose symbols that create a story of
right relationship with all things...
our planet ourselves...

all other beings...and the life force that’s symbiotic...

a mirror of where we are now... and where we can collectively go...


Right thoughts right words right actions...let our symbols remind us...empower us to create the stories we are proud of 10,000 years from now...


we are all illuminating through divine design. 

high vibe honey bee 6

power to the pollinators

~ Ancient symbols of death and rebirth

~ Honey Bees represent fertility in ancient Egypt

~ The ancient Druids saw the bee as a symbol of the sun goddess

~ Native American Indians view the Honey Bee as a symbol of
    honesty and serving the community

~ Bees are excellent symbols of teamwork

~ Bees work tirelessly for the same goal

~ Selfless, no ego

~ Symbolize hard work, diligence, and order

~ Excellent examples of how to use your life force

~ They often accomplish what seems impossible

~ High Energy, Bees represent the highest example of collaborative efforts

~ Bees mantra is progress and everything is done for

   the highest and greatest good of the hive.


power to the pollinators

~ The universal symbolism for butterflies is transformation

~ A sign of hope

~ Butterfly Celtic symbol is rebirth 

~ In Japanese cultures butterflies  represent joy

~ In Myan and Aztec mythology a butterfly represents Xiutecutli, the God of Fire

~ Irish folklore relates the butterfly with the human soul.

~ Dealan-Dhe,the Fire of the Gods

~ Native American culture consider butterflies to be a sign of transformation and change 

~ Aristotle called the butterfly the name of Psycho, Greek word for “soul”

~ It gives you the courage to look upon challenges with lightness



sequoia tree

giants of the forest

~ Oldest living tree

~ Sequoias can live up to 1,000 years

~ Fire resistant bark 

~ Tree rings represent the circle of life 

~ Our perseverance to grow and expand in spite of our wounds

   and challenges just like the mighty sequoia 

~ Wear our age like a badge of honor 

~ Native Americans called the Sequoia Trees, “the ancient ones”

~ Grow with the Sequoias, slow and steady until you touch the sky

~ The Algonquian believe thunderbird is an ancestor and the Universal creator 

~ The roots that connect with Mother Earth and the limbs and cones that reach for father sky 



rethink agriculture

heal the soil

~ The Native American Indians recognized the Bison as a
    symbol of strength and unity.

~ Bison medicine: manifestation, protection, knowledge,
    courage, challenge, survival.

~ Bison’s strong bodies ground them to the Earth.
    They are the uniting force between all things Earthly and unEarthly.

~ Bison is connected to the Root Chakra. It represents stamina and will.

~ They are the story of survival and how to prosper in
    the face of adversity.

~ Red is the color. The direction is North.










The hexagon - a powerful shape repeated in sacred geometry. It is found in the very structure of our DNA . It is a symbol of harmony and balance. 

Spread the love in your yard with our non GMO Power to the Pollinator seed shreds. Plant and smile. A box so cool, you could

re-gift and share the love. 



Wild American Alligators with all of their wounds from life on Earth intact. We are all flawed. Let’s celebrate our imperfections - mine, yours and the gators’. All of our styles honor one gator and one gator hunter per bag. The skins are hand patinaed, by one artisan, with saturated colors that took years to develop to make it just so. 

Our largest reptile, the American alligator has been in North America for over 8 million years. In 1807 Georges Cuvier created the genus, Alligator. They are part of the super family Alligatoroidea. The American alligator is native to the Southeastern United States, and inhabits freshwater wetlands. Swamps, streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes are their home. 


It was placed on the endangered species list on 1967 and has made a remarkable recovery.


The American alligator is a conservation success story. 

The American alligator was removed from the endangered species status in 1987. 

The US fish and wildlife service has pronounced the American alligator fully recovered and closely regulates the hunting and trade.

It is the official state reptile of Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Because of demand for meat and skins...the privately owned wetlands are protected ...and all the other species that thrive in that habitat are protected and able to flourish as a result ...

The gators modify wetlands by creating alligator holes for, when the RE, perspire drops..these holes along waterways become a refuge and feeding oasis for other organisms during the dry season.


In more recent history the Burmese pythons and Nutria have established themselves in the Everglades. The American alligators have played an important role in keeping those populations in check and from spreading north.

They are vital to keeping the small mammal population balanced that delight in overgrazing marsh vegetation. Alligators are dynamic contributors to the health of our wetlands. 


The wetlands play a significant role in climate health. There is a balance to be maintained between healthy population and proliferation. 

The demand for gator meat and skins that are a secondary byproduct honors the whole animal by using every part. This demand has sustained the dedication of private land owners to protect the wetlands. And aligned conservationists, climate change activists, and hunters to achieve the same goal, a healthy gator population. Which translates to healthy wetlands and a healthier planet. All the while employing and feeding many communities. 


The hunting season for wild gator is very short. 


Unlike many mammals where size diminishes with age, healthy gators continue to grow and expand into their old age. The older specimens can grow between 13 to 19 feet in length and weigh in the range of 1000-2000 lbs. American alligators have the strongest measured bite of any living animal. Males and females have the same bite force. An alligator has 74-80 at any one time they can go through 3000 teeth in a lifetime. They can live up to 50 years in the wild. 


For Native American Indians the gator was held in high regard for its ability to live on land and water...they represent rebirth and purification. 

The symbol of the second chakra Swadhistana is an alligator and a sign of balance.

The Mayan alligator god Itzamna is a symbol of leadership 

The peaks on the gators back were viewed as pyramids Telegraphing to the cosmos and Pleiades star system. Each peak was believed to hold a frequency to bridge dimensions. 

It’s belly is always in contact with mother earth creating a strong foundation 

It navigates through water and can release with ease that which does not serve you any converts chaos to order 

It was a vehicle for Hindu gods and goddesses 



Our guiding principle

are we in a harmonious exchange with nature

Radically transparent material sourcing and labor

Our lineup is:

Non toxic

As local as close can we source...for less travel and impact?

Supporting American artisans in their crafts...a thriving creative community

Engaging in creation and commerce that is in balance with the environment

Hardware ~ recycled upcycled non toxic design nuggets of pure joy

Fabric ~ recycled plastic...contributes to cleaner oceans

Fabric ~ non gmo organic cotton...celebrate and support the American farmer

No polluted water in the dyeing process

Wild gators ~ used for their meat first to feed...skins are a secondary by product...demand keeps the privately owned wetlands vital to support climate health and all the habitat that flourishes a result the gator population and the ecosystem are balanced...

Our Carbon footprint

feeling pretty good...

we minimize waste and our footprint at every opportunity...

Psyche of the user

dramatically improved

functionality + art = joy

One supreme heirloom item

lifelong satisfaction

The need for more ceases to exist




Observation. This is where we started. This is where we all start. There is in every endeavor a yearning to find purpose, to find place, a question posed. The challenge of what is and what ought to be. We looked at the natural world, the contours, the textures. We looked to the ancients, the mystics, the totems. We aspired to create functional art.


So we focused. On materials. Elemental and enchanting. D rings, rivets, and brass feet, burnished and weathered as if by centuries of sea mist. 100% US grown cotton. EMF/RF lining. Wrapped hemp rope handles. Engineered and battle tested. Rugged and resolute. 


Construction. Studied and sturdy. These are not seasonal accoutrements. They are built to age, infused with intense character to accompany you for all of your journeys. Every bag is hand-made by skilled artisans that embody a spirit of creative expression and technique.


Animation. The bag brought to life. We do not succumb to the mundane. Style is the alchemy of the adventurous. 


We, like you, are undeterred voyagers in need of a vessel for our earthly gatherings. 



I have a deep passion for design and how we communicate with our world through what we put on our bodies. I have distilled a lifetime of obsession into statement pieces, that serve as functional art... with a story... and a mission. 


I have spent the last decade studying: sacred geometry, human scale, hyper functionality, the perfect grip on a hemp rope handle, EMF/RF protective linings utility patent pending, device usage awareness, ergonomic pockets, dual hydration vessel compartments, how to make fabric from plastic bottles, nontoxic dyeing, wild alligators and their effect on the environment, ancient totems, how to create bespoke hardware out of upcycled brass and bronze, the freedom of a belt bag, the practicality of snap out washable bag linings, the cleanliness of beefy bag feet, how the inspiring words of a deeply meaningful collage lining can create joy every time you gaze upon it, the art of packing a bag, and what is truly essential.


After all the Egyptians were buried with their bags...


The alchemy of fashion is a never ending quest for enduring design that touches us physically and emotionally. Powerful design can elevate our experience of living vibrantly. May everyone reconnect with the joy of getting dressed, and express our essence... and... Illuminate through divine design.


I have broken down every element of a bag and reimagined each component on a deeper, more dynamic level.


This bag quest led me to create... talisman... power pendants... rings... hero belts... and cuffs... inspired  by thunderbirds...sequoias... bisons... and bees.


The collage art expanded from fabric totes and linings to pop art on metal... furniture cushions...

silk dusters... scarves


Next up hummingbirds... dragonflys... and owls.


The depth of ancient symbolism is uniting and powerful.


Bag on a Mission is a truly authentic brand. We embody conscious commerce. Handmade pieces, one at a time, by artisans dedicated to their craft. Made in America with as small of a footprint as possible. Tada... I encourage you to explore why it’s different, the art explained, and the joy of getting dressed.


There is so so much to the mission and vision. Slow, deliberate fashion can help us rethink agriculture... heal the soil and save our pollinators. Dedicated to being conduits for change... solution focused... there is much to do.   






An empowering chapter in the Bering Sea on the Pacific Scout,  a 236 ft long fishing boat, as a laborer in the hull and eventually a deckhand. Huge seas ...the cold... the dark... the austere scenery... my already intense work ethic crystallized... fear banished.


Always a marvelous love affair with nature and its glory...much more comfortable outside than in... feeling the elements... revel in an ominous stormy day... fascinated with lightning.


I landed in Telluride, one snowy evening in October about 30 years ago, and immediately knew I was home.  I relished living in Ophir in a cabin with no heat and tv and have been coming back ever since. Gob smacking natural beauty...steep hikes, and skiing.  The rugged physicality of Telluride balances and soothes my intense nature.


With many adventurous and formative chapters in between, I now reside in Sparks, Maryland on a small farm with our beloved bees and plantings dedicated to pollinators...with my adorable husband Ron and two Maine Coon cats... Red Cloud and Ten Bears.

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