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wear art

Observation. This is where we started. This is where we all start. There is in every endeavor a yearning to find purpose, to find place, a question posed. The challenge of what is and what ought to be. We looked at the natural world, the contours, the textures. We looked to the ancients, the mystics, the totems. We aspired to create functional art. So we focused. On materials. Elemental and enchanting. D-rings, rivets, and brass feet, burnished and weathered as if by centuries of sea mist. 100% US grown cotton. EMF/RF lining. Wrapped hemp rope handles. Engineered and battle tested. Rugged and resolute. Construction. Studied and sturdy. These are not seasonal accoutrements. They are built to age, infused with intense character to accompany you for all of your journeys. Every bag is hand-made by skilled artisans that embody a spirit of creative expression and technique. Animation. The bag brought to life. We do not succumb to the mundane. Style is the alchemy of the adventurous. We, like you, are undeterred voyagers in need of a vessel for our earthly gatherings.


Upcycled organic cotton ocean plastic totem twill