The Superhero Utility Belt

Hyper functional, unisex, and universally flattering….oh so easy to flip…⁠

Ergonomic to grab all day long…⁠
Strong magnet closures ⁠
and EMF/RF protective lining to keep you safe and secure⁠



C O L O R W A Y S   &   B U C K L E S


D E T A I L S 

Wild American Alligator

Credit Card Pouch: 3” x 4” • Phone Pouch: 4” x 6.5” • Belt: 4”

Signature small High Vibe Honey Bee etched on python fang belt hook

Gloriously gender free…rock your bold look

EMF RF blocking fabric

Strong magnetic closure

Made in the US

P A C K A G I N G 

Signature Hexagon Box


The hexagon - a powerful shape repeated in sacred geometry. It is found in the very structure of our DNA. It is a symbol of harmony and balance. 

Spread the love in your yard with our non GMO Power to the Pollinator seed shreds. Plant and smile.
A box so cool, you should re-gift and share the love. 

 W H Y   I T' S   D I F F E R E N T