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The Hero Belt


Rich in its message…collage art belts…

Fabric is super durable with a pleasurable hand

Made from upcycled plastic bottles and organic American cotton

Non-toxic water free dying process

Emblazoned collage art all over your hips…swivel them in style...
"Live authentically" stamp branded inside the leather backed will make you smile every time you wear it
Signature small High Vibe Honey Bee etched on the back of each buckle 
Upcycled brass or bronze 
Hand patinaed buckles…one at a time...each is unique 
Made in the US
Gloriously gender free…rock your bold look 




L I V E   A U T H E N T I C A L L Y


he·ro /ˈhirō/ noun

1. defenders or protectors

2. a classical hero is a warrior who lives and dies in the pursuit of honor...incredibly resourceful and skilled...gifted and semi divine

3. the modern hero performs great deeds and selfless acts for the common good

C O L O R W A Y S   &   B U C K L E S

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 2.23.07 PM.png

S T O R Y 

You are the star of your own movie...visualizing and rewriting every scene
Be the true hero Joseph Campbell style...slay the ego and give, give give of yourself... Western rodeo in its roots Modern cowboy meets superhero symbolism With a cause...

A purpose...A passion...A conviction to leave the world a bit better...

The bucking...A tumultuous ride indeed...Tossed off ..And trampled...You get up shake it off and get back on that wild beast ..Time for the ride of your life...Leave the fear outside the ring...

It's showtime ...Have fun with it...Add a dash of style to whatever you are wearing...Be brave and bold...A flag on your pants that says I live with conviction and fortitude...Like those bull riders who love the thrill of the human experience...

Super present...Time is not lineal nor are our lives...Honor the cyclical nature of everything It's a conversation piece...Share your beliefs ..Trade stories of possible solutions of the worlds challenges...Get the dialogue going... The luminous warrior Illuminate through divine design

How will you... Live authentically?

The top hat for your denim...The spark the zing...

P A C K A G I N G 

Signature Hexagon Box


The hexagon - a powerful shape repeated in sacred geometry. It is found in the very structure of our DNA. It is a symbol of harmony and balance. 

Spread the love in your yard with our non GMO Power to the Pollinator seed shreds.

Plant and smile.
A box so cool, you should re-gift and share the love. 

 W H Y   I T' S   D I F F E R E N T 

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