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wrap ring


Totem: Monarch Butterfly Skull

Material: upcycled bronze

tal·is·man (ˈtaləsmən,ˈtalizmən) noun


1. Talismans have been used in many civilizations throughout history, with connections to astrological, scientific, and religious practices. Talismans are used for a wide variety of functions such as: the personal protection of the wearer, loved ones, aiding in fertility, and crop production. Planetary, elemental symbology, and archetypes must be used in harmony to amplify the intended power of the talisman.


I designed the High Vibe Honey Bee 6 pendant 5 years ago. It was intended to be a zipper pull on the bionic bag but I was so enamored with it I made it a pendant and have worn it everyday since...I don’t feel complete without it. ​ The bee stands for: teamwork...channeling harmony...working from the heart...tireless perseverance…dedicated to progress and process. The tuning forks in the wings are there to remind us all to rise above and stay in a high frequency place and let everything else go. The sunburst symbolism exudes life force. The 24 rays give me power and strength. These diligent happy little pollinators bring me so much joy. I feel ahhmazing when I wear my bee pendant and don’t ever leave home without it.

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