Silk Scarves • High Vibe Honey Bee 6

wear art • 100% silk

W H A T   I S   Y O U R   T O T E M ?

sequoia silk
monarch butterfly silk
bison scarf and belt.jpg



Wear art…and you wear it so well…emblazoned collage art on sumptuous silk…draped over you…a myriad of uses…the ultimate travel companion…

Works as an uber stylish sarong…silhouette framing tube top…belted tunic…my go to…or classic around the neck…bring all those rich colors around your face to brighten lighten and channel your vibrancy…

let it empower you through your day with the totem that is calling you…put some pep in your step and greet the day…onlookers will be intrigued

This is a wonderful gift any time of year…scarves work on all body types and ages...a welcome dash of style for anyone you love.

P A C K A G I N G 

Signature Hexagon Box


The hexagon - a powerful shape repeated in sacred geometry. It is found in the very structure of our DNA. It is a symbol of harmony and balance. 

Spread the love in your yard with our non GMO Power to the Pollinator seed shreds. Plant and smile.
A box so cool, you should re-gift and share the love. 

 W H Y   I T' S   D I F F E R E N T