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Bison 1


The Native American Indians recognized the Bison as a symbol of strength and unity.

Bison medicine: manifestation, protection, knowledge, courage, challenge, survival.

Bison’s strong bodies ground them to the Earth.

They are the uniting force between all things Earthly and unEarthly.

Bison is connected to the Root Chakra.

It represents stamina and will.

They are a story of survival and teach us how to prosper in the face of adversity.

Red is their color. Their direction is north 


Inner & Outer Rings

  • In the outer circle representing the sacred hoop of the medicine wheel (symbol of all creation) - thee 4 directions and the 4 stages of life are represented.

  • The number 4 is sacred unto itself as it represents the 4 seasons, the 4 human needs (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) the 4 kingdom (animal, mineral, plant, and human) and the stages of life.

  • The circular shape of the wheel represents Earth, Sun, Moon and the cycles of life, the seasons and day to night.

  • The number 10 is believed to be the perfect number

  • Symbolizes the completion of a cycle

  • A symbol of constant change and flow of energy

  • 1 is the start of everything, 0 is infinity

The number 10

your Totem

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