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High Vibe Honey Bee 6


Ancient symbols of death and rebirth

Honey Bees represent fertility in ancient Egypt

The ancient Druids saw the bee as a symbol of the sun goddess

Native American Indians view the Honey Bee as a symbol of  honesty and serving the community

Bees are excellent symbols of teamwork

Bees work tirelessly for the same goal

Selfless, no ego

Bees symbolize hard work, diligence, and order

Excellent examples of how to use your life force

High Energy, Bees represent the highest example of collaborative efforts

Bees mantra is progress and everything is done for the highest and greatest good of the hive.


feel the high vibe bee buzz

The Hexagon

  • The hexagon represents the shape of the sun

  • We are all orbs pulsing divine light

  • There are 24 rays of the golden sun which represents your guardian angels

  • 2 represents balance peace and harmony, trusting where you are in your path

  • 4 represents passion, and clear intentions in all your endeavors, facing your  obstacles head on, the four elements - water, earth, fire and air

  • 4 x 6, the sides of the hexagon = 24

  • 24 is closely related to the heavens

  • It symbolizes harmony between the earth and the sky


your Totem

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